Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My child has dietary requirements. Will they be catered for?

In 99% of cases, yes. Food allergies and intolerances are becoming more and more common. We have a qualified chefs who work with these challenges every day. A typical school group may have up to 20% of their students and teachers affected by needs ranging from gluten, egg or milk allergies through to diabetic, vegan, FODMAP and low-calorie diets. We are aware of the seriousness of these needs, especially with anaphylaxis. In the case that your child is especially sensitive, or their diet is very unusual, please give us a call to discuss.

Q. But what if the allergy is servere. Can I send food from home?

Absolutely! You know your child better than anyone. Feel free to send along pre-cooked food from home. Please make sure it is clearly labled with the childs name, date it was made and how you would like the kitchen staff to reheat it. All food needs to be prepared within the last 48 hours. Please note we are a nut, pork and seafood free camp, please do not pack these foods.

Q. My child is a fussy eater. Can you please tell me what he/she will be eating whilst on camp?

Please see the link at the bottom of this page for a full outline of our camp menu. All menus will be a variation of this.

Can I pack my child extra snacks?

We ask that you not pack your child extra snacks other then lunch on the first day as no food is to be eaten in our accomodation building. Your child will be well fed during their time at camp with three home cooked meals a day plus morning and afternoon tea. Fruit will be available to your child at all times.

Q. What does my son/daughter need to take to camp?

A full list of recommended items is attached at the bottom of this page. Please remember to send a pillow, sleeping bag and towel.

Q. My son/daughter is anxious about staying away from home. Is there somewhere close by that I can stay in case I am needed?

Lancefield is the nearest town just over 15 minutes drive, with Kyneton and Kilmore just over 30 minutes drive from Weekaway. All of these places have plenty of options.

Q. My child is a non-swimmer can they still participate in canoeing?

If they feel comfortable, they may still participate. All participants will be wearing lifejackets and be with a qualified instructor. We ask all non-swimmers or those with medical conditions that may affect their participation to tell the instructor at the beginning of the session so arrangements can be made.

Q. My child has an injury. Can they still participate in the activities?

Yes, we will try to accommodate all injuries and conditions. We ask that your child lets a teacher or Weekaway staff member know at the beginning of camp so that arrangements can be made. If you wish to discuss your individual child’s needs, please give us a call to discuss.

Q. Can I contact my child on camp?

If you are needing to contact your child while they are at camp, please contact the school first. The camp office is located at the bottom half of camp away from the accomodation so messages may be delayed. In emergency cases you may contact the office only if you cannot contact the school.

Q. What happens if my child gets sick on camp?

If your child becomes unwell at camp the school will be in contact with you to discuss.

Q. I am a parent attending camp. Will I be required to share a room?

This depends on what building the school is staying in and the number of guests. In each building there are leaders rooms with two-three king single beds. If your school has a free bunk room in the building you are staying in they may place you in this room. Contact your school for more information.